international perspectives

World Insights at VIVA24 will offer physicians and researchers from outside the U.S. the opportunity to present cases and research to a panel of VIVA faculty with dedicated time for Q&A and discussion.

To participate in World Insights, email for presentation submission instructions by July 10. Case and research submissions should highlight approaches to endovascular intervention and will be accepted until July 10.

A limited number of submissions will be accepted. Accepted presenters will receive discounted registration ($150) to attend VIVA24 as an adjunct faculty member and 2 night's hotel stay for free. Additional hotel and travel expenses are not covered.


The submission deadline is Wednesday, July 10 at 5pm PST.

Cases or research presentations for this session must be submitted by the presenter and cannot be submitted by a third party on behalf of the presenter.

Please note that participants are expected to present their cases in-person in Las Vegas on Monday, November 4, or Tuesday, November 5.

Submissions can be either a case study or research, and should pertain to the endovascular or medical treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Submissions focused on other topics, including coronary, will not be accepted.

Your presentation must be submitted on the VIVA PowerPoint template; presentations should be 7 minutes in length. Cases and research must be original and may not have been presented prior to the World Insights session at VIVA24.

Submissions should be in English.

If you are interested in submitting a presentation, email for submission instructions.

Submissions will be reviewed after the July 10 deadline, and will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Interest to field - Submissions must focus on peripheral endovascular cases or research
  • Clarity
  • Depth
  • Originality and complexity

If your submission is accepted, subsequent communication will provide information for registering for the conference and for submitting your final presentation.

For additional questions or assistance, please email